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Huazheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co., Ltd.

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Hz High Accurancy 15kv / 20kv Megger Insulation Resistance Tester
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Product: Views:186Hz High Accurancy 15kv / 20kv Megger Insulation Resistance Tester 
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Last updated: 2017-07-28 11:32
Hz High Accurancy 15kv / 20kv Megger Insulation Resistance Tester

Hz 20kv Digital Megger Insulation Resistance Tester, through the test system in different components of the insulation resistance (transformers, switching devices, wires, motors), you can isolate and repair the failure of components.
It is of great significance to ensure the safety of products and equipment in the quality of products and equipment by using insulation test to test the insulation between the sample and the adjacent conductor.
Before the system is powered by an insulation test verify that it is sound, can improve the performance of the system; insulation test can be found in manufacturing process and equipment defects, and these problems before the equipment failure is generally not found. In the EU, this testing is mandatory, even for the smallest civil system.

II.performance characteristics
1 the use of microcomputer control, menu operation, large screen liquid crystal LCD dot matrix display, stable performance, is a intelligent instrument.
2 strong anti-interference ability, suitable for the strong electromagnetic interference in the environment measurement.
3 there are 0.5kV, 1.0kV, 2.0kV, 2.5kV, 5.0kV, 10.0kV, 15.0kV, 20.0kV a total of 8 voltage output files.
4 output high voltage at the same time can also be continuously adjusted.
5 automatic measurement of R15, R60, R600, automatic calculation of absorption ratio, polarization index.
6 with high load capacity, short circuit current is about 5mA.
7 measurement range is 0 ~10T, automatic switching range.
8 analog bar with the combination of digital display, the image of the data show that the trend of change and accurate measurement results.
9 at any time to display the test time, and every 15 seconds, the buzzer automatically prompts.
10 automatic discharge pressure measurement is completed, the high-pressure discharge time is not more than 30 seconds.
11 automatic measurement of environmental temperature, air humidity and the date and time of each test.
12 can save the measurement results of the 60 groups, and the data can not be lost for 20 years.
13 comes with RS232 serial interface, can communicate with the computer data.
14.RS232 serial port external printer (optional), can print measurement results, free meter reading work.
15 with a comprehensive protection function, high reliability.

III.technical indicators
Rated test voltage 0.5kV, 1.0kV, 2.0kV, 2.5kV, 5.0kV, 10.0kV, 15.0kV, 20.0kV,
A total of 8 voltage output files
Measured upper limit of 100G ~ 5T
Measured lower limit value 0.1M
Output voltage error 5%
Short circuit current of about 5mA
Accuracy grade 5
The basic error of the lower half range (5% 1D Rx)
The basic error of the upper half range (10% 2D Rx)
High pressure display error (5% 1D Ux)
Temperature measuring error
Error of air humidity measurement 2%RH
14.8V lithium battery power supply
Battery charge 30 times a day, 10 times a day DAR and 5 times PI test
Insulation resistance > 500 M (between the test line and the chassis)
Pressure 50Hz 1min AC10.0kV
(test line and chassis)
Working temperature and humidity of 0 C ~ 40 C < 85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity - 20 C ~ 50 C < 90%RH
Size 270 (L) * 240 (W) * 165 (H) () (mm)
The weight is 4.5kg

IV.Company Information
HuaZheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co.,Ltd is the supplier of the State Grid in China.It means we are the supplier of the Chinese Government.And our products spread throughout the whole China.

What's more, our customers come from different countries like America, England, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Malysia, Vietnam and so on.

Our main products are Insulation Oil Tester, Cable Fault Locator, Power Quality Analyzer, High Voltage Generator, High Voltage Capacitor, Testing Transformer and so on.